Education through


Rescue and



HoofBeats Stable exists to make equine education available and accessible to all who seek to learn it. The focus of our educational program is an all around approach to the equine-human interaction. Students don't simply learn to ride on the back of a horse but how to see, feel and communicate with that animal as an individual. Lessons are taught on a variety of mounts, some of our horses and ponies are still learning some skills or need a unique approach due to physical limitations. While we offer beginner through advanced lessons in both english and western riding, lessons are geared towards both the human and the horse and students learn a more all around approach to riding and training.

Our students are as unique as our animals and we develop each lesson specifically for the student and horse pair involved. There is no pressure to show or compete although some opportunities are available, and there is never pressure to move up a level or complete the next milestone. Students work at their own pace and success is measured in how happy and comfortable all participants are, horse and human.

Our students come from all walks of life. No matter their stage in life whether the beginning, middle or end, no matter their race, religion or creed, no matter whether neuro-typical or atypical, all are welcome here.

Our animals each come from a hard past, each needed a soft place to land. We do rescue, owner surrender and training and placement. Some of our horses come through from other rescues and receive the training boost they need to be adopted out. Some come from owners who need to place a horse quickly, and still others from neglect or abuse.

Last but not least, our education program is not solely riding lessons. We offer horsemanship lessons as well! These lessons allow students to do more in depth and all around care and training on both our rideable animals and our animals in rehabilitation and without ridability.