Our Equine Education Ambassadors


AppleJack is a 14 yr old crossbred pony. Standing only around 11.2 hands he might seem small but he is MIGHTY! AppleJack is a big lean muscle machine.

AppleJack was severely abused as a young pony and then sold down the auction pipeline. He was purchased by some well meaning folks but was too much for them to catch and handle he and ended up neglected. AppleJack arrived in 2018 with severe PTSD fear issues and was explosive to work with. Due to his strength he took years of training and patient work to overcome his fears and earn his trust.

Slowly but surely AppleJack has learned to trust and put his explosive tendencies behind him. He has been in our Horsemanship education program and began with some advanced students under saddle. In recent months he is really beginning to come into his confident and quieter nature. His appropriate rider base is expanding and he's become a huge part of the riding lesson program as well.

AppleJack goes english or western and has successfully competed in both Intro Level Dressage and Green Horse Trail Obstacle classes. He is an absolute trail riding boss who goes over, under, or through anything you point him at and has recently decided he enjoys jumping as well! 

AppleJack is always a challenging ride but not in an unsafe way. He has a lot to teach his riders and has developed quite the fan club at the barn.

Astoria is a 21 year old 15.1 hand Warmblood cross and the daughter of the Executive Director Rebecca's childhood pony. She is an integral part of the HoofBeats Stable Education program. Astoria's mother Crystal had been kept for many years as a nurse mare. All of her previous foals were killed so that she could be leased out to care for and raise other horses foals and they could go back to racing and breeding. When the industry took a downturn, her mother was abandoned heavily-pregnant and nearly died of starvation and neglect. Fortunately she was bought at public auction and was allowed to have one more foal (Astoria) who she kept and raised. 

Astoria and owner Rebecca did much of their growing up together and have been together for over half of Rebecca's life and all of Astoria's. She has competed for the majority of her life in Dressage. She has also competed in Three Day Eventing, Barrel Racing, Gymkahna and is a master Trail and Lesson horse. Kind and patient, she is a favorite of beginner through advanced riders, and is the go to for advanced Dressage lessons!

Astoria sustained an injury in 2019 which limits her availability in the lesson program. She is mostly retired now but still provides her services for light riding, trail riding, and Horsemanship lessons!



Sparrow is a 14.1 hand 7 yr old pony mare. Sparrow is known around the barn for her mountains of goofy personality!

Sparrow came to us in 2015 and was an auction rescue. She had been sold for slaughter at the auction but was too emaciated and sick to ship out, so she was left at the auction house. She made it home safely the night we picked her up but had to see the emergency vet the next morning because she couldn't even walk!

Sparrow suffers from a few physical challenges such as upward fixation of the patella (weak/locking stifles) for which she's had somewhat successful surgery. She also has hyper-mobility in her joints for which she is on a special exercise and supplement regime. Sparrow is a cross between a Tennessee Walker and some type of pony. Due to the cross she neither maintains her ambling gaits such as the Tennessee Walkers "running walk" nor the trot or canter easily.

Sparrow has a lot of training both in Dressage as well as trail obstacle. She thrives on attention and training and her body is kept in it's best shape through constant physical therapy and work.

She requires an advanced rider to keep her in her trot or canter for serious dressage work but when she's balanced and ridden properly over her back she is an absolute dream to ride. She also gives beginner and intermediate lessons in trail obstacle, onsite trail riding and jumping.

Sparrows presents her own set of challenges, her favorite of which is to check if her rider is paying attention by attempting to stop in the corners next to the "toys" such as the tarp, giant soccer ball or pool noodles and pick them up in her mouth to carry off and play with!

Hi-Q is a 15.2 hand 19 yr old off the track thoroughbred. After her time on the track she was abandoned in a field and was impounded by the police as a starvation and neglect case. She spent the next ten years at another rescue and where our executive director originally met and trained her for part of the time. Years later and after some time being a pasture ornament she was sent to another trainer who was very harsh on her. He sent her back saying she was dangerous and un-adoptable and the former rescue was left with no other options but to euthanize her.

Fortunately a friend of our executive director was working there at the time and was able to rescue her again, this time from the other rescue and euthanasia. She was given a period to let down at her small private farm and then donated to a life of sanctuary at HoofBeats Stable.

Hi-Q was evaluated and found to have kissing spine, a painful condition where the vertebrae in her spine are touching one another. The pressure of even a light saddle and rider are enough to cause them to touch and pain to shoot through her whole body. No wonder she was so sensitive!

While unable to be ridden anymore, Hi-Q is sound and comfortable in the field and for liberty work. She is absolutely stunning and a brilliant mover. She's also very athletic and loves to work!

Hi-Q participates in our horsemanship lessons. Students can learn to lunge, free jump and work at liberty with her. She is also a great teacher about confirmation and movement, as she's well put together in both regards.